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The mind of BottledFun

Hannah. 20. Student.
Sep 18 '14


*plans life around having a rich significant other*

Sep 18 '14


im glad i have a tumblr so i can see the same four posts a thousand times on my dashboard

Sep 18 '14


you dont know frustration until youve tried plugging something into a socket in the dark

Sep 17 '14


Sep 17 '14

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Sep 17 '14

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Sep 17 '14


taking a nap is always so risky like when will I wake up? in thirty minutes? in 2 hours? in 7 years?? no one can be sure

Sep 16 '14

my meals in the summer

  • breakfast: 3pm
  • dinner: 11pm
  • more food: 1am
  • midnight snack: 4am
Sep 16 '14




buzzfeed apparently only just realised that there are languages other than english

These strange indecipherable symbols on Ikea products are apparently actually ‘Swedish’ according to several noted academics who have spent decades studying Ikea

Sep 16 '14




*eats 1,000 oranges* its fruit i won’t gain weight

An orange is approximately 87 calories. If you were to eat 1,000 oranges that would be 87,000 calories.

its fruit i wont gain weight